Masala Dosa





20 min


20 min



  • 3 cups ‏Rice
  • 1/2 cup ‏Urad dal
  • 2 nos ‏Potatoes boiled
  • 3 nos ‏Green chillies
  • 10 nos ‏Curry leaves
  • 1 tsp ‏Mustard seeds
  • 2 nos ‏Onion
  • 2 tbsp ‏Oil
  • 1/2 tsp ‏Turmeric
  • As per taste ‏Salt

Dosa is a popular South Indian dish which is made using fermented rice & lentil paste and potatoes with spices used as filling.



  1. Mix rice and urad dal, soak overnight.
  2. Grind the mixture into slightly rough paste to make dosa batter
  3. Finely chop onions.
  4. Mash boiled potatoes.


For filling

  1. Heat oil in a deep pan. Add mustard seeds and let it crackle.
  2. Add curry leaves, green chili and onions. Fry till it turns soft.
  3. Add mashed potatoes, turmeric and salt. Mix well and cook on medium flame for 5 mins and keep aside.

For Dosa

  1. Apply a little oil on pan.
  2. Take a big spoonful of batter and evenly spread on the pan. Cook on high flame, add few drops on oil on top and turn it to cook on the other side.
  3. Again turn and add the potato filling and fold from both the sides.
  4. Serve hot with coconut chutney and sambhar.

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