Curry Leaf Powder

August 16, 2020  Hari Priya Avatar
Curry Leaf Powder
Curry leaves are often not given the credit they deserve. Most often curry leaves are added into a dish to provide flavor. Many people just discard the curry leaves from their food. I remember my grandmother saying that if I ate curry leaves I would have long black hair. It may sound weird but since then I used to eat the curry leaves that came onto my plate. Later on as I started cooking, curry leaves/karivepaku always started having a special place in all my dishes. I use them liberally. Whenever I go to the market, I always like to buy curry leaves which are big.
Curry leaves have a unique flavor and they also have many medicinal properties like the herbs we use in the kitchen. Curry leaves are a great source of natural vitamin B. It is rich with antioxidants. Good for heart. It is good for our neurons. Some say it is anti- cancer, anti- inflammatory.
These curry leaves are much in demand condiment in Indian culinary ensemble. In south India, we use curry leaves even in Chinese recipes.
Curry leaves powder is a great combination to have with white rice and ghee. It goes excellently with idli, dosa, rice and upma too. A few morsels of rice with curry leaves powder does a wealth of good to our gut and keeps it healthy by increasing the metabolic activity. So watch this video and prepare the curry leaves powder and eat with hot white rice and ghee.


  1. Red Chillies-15-20
  2. Urad Dal-4 tsps
  3. Coriander seeds-4 tsps
  4. Cumin Seeds- 2½ tsps
  5. Seseme seeds-4 tsps
  6. Curry Leaves- 1 big cup
  7. Ghee/Oil-1 tsp
  8. Salt-2 tsps
  9. Garlic Cloves-2 garlics peeled


1. Fry red chillies for a minute, keep aside.
2. Dry roast urad dal, coriander seeds, cumin seeds and seseme seeds, keep aside, let them cool.
3. Fry curry leaves 2-3 minutes on low flame by adding ghee or oil, let it cool for some time.
4. Grind all the roasted ingredients adding salt and garlic cloves.
5. Healthy and tastiest karivepaku podi/curry leaf powder is ready to eat with hot rice, idly, dosa or chapathi.



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